Kinan Abou-afach and Ayman Alalao present a performance of digitally created visuals with live and pre-recorded music.
The performance takes the audience through non-linear storytelling where sounds generate visual patterns and illustrations are created live on stage. Performed with musicians Kinan Abou-afach on cello, Hanna Khoury on violin, Hicham Chami on qanun, and Hafez Kotain on percussion.

This collaborative work touches on themes of Arab heritage, history, and politics. Live projections generated by audio recognition technology that interprets each instrument separately will create a dynamic visual and musical narrative.


  • Role
    Visual artist, Developer
  • Tags
    C/C++ |  music visualization |  openFrameworks |  visual art
  • Credits
    Musician & composer Kinan Abou-afach, Al-Bustan takht ensemble
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