Arabic alphabets photo booth is a simple, fun and engaging Augmented reality game, where users can play and learn about all the Arabic alphabet and a collection of Arabic words, the user will learn how to draw the alphabet shapes and then use their drawings with the software to see the actual letters and hear the sound of the its correct pronunciation, at any moment the user can take sequence of pictures holding their letters/words using a unique camera marker. specific overlay and a background theme will be triggered based on the letter detected decorate your memorable photo.

Another software will be running at the same time to play all the captured images as a continuous animation sequence connected to another monitor.


The application was part of QFI #iSpeakArabic campaign during ACTFL 2015 in Sand Diego, CA.

Also it was featured during the Arab Art for All at the painted bride art center in Philadelphia, PA and during ‘Ahlan’: Embracing Our Community With Arab Arts at the Trinity Center for Urban Life.




Any visitor can access their photos through a unique url from any smartphone immediately during the event to save or share their photos through Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox



  • Role
    Designer, developer
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    Augmented Reality |  C/C++ |  openFrameworks |  visual art
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    ArtoolKit library
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