HBR.org is a website which has a paid circulation of nearly 300,000 individuals, 4 million monthly unique visitors, and more than 5 million social followers.

I helped the team along with the Harvard Business Review Design Department as a Senior Interaction Designer on the redesign of HBR.org new experience.

As a senior interaction designer I’ve designed and prototyped new interfaces, features for the responsive website ensuring a consistent end-user experience across the site.
The design of the fully responsive new check out, the new landing pages, the article meters and the topics landing page are some bits of the work I was part of.


  • Role
    Senior interaction designer, visual designer
  • Tags
    Interaction design |  Responsive Design |  UX Design |  Visual Design
  • Credits
    HBR creative department, HBR development team
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    Other Projects

    MS Thesis : AR Badge
  • Augmented Reality |  Camera Recognition |  CMS |  openFrameworks |  PHP |  QR Code |  XML
  • 05.01.2011
  • MS Thesis : AR Badge
  • AR-Badge is an interactive conference badge, that is built on Augmented Reality (AR) and Optical Tracking (OT)...
  • Palmyra.sy
  • Actionscript 2.0 |  Interactive CD |  Poster |  Video Effects |  Website
  • 02.01.2007
  • Palmyra.sy
  • Palmyra: An oasis in the Syrian desert, north-east of Damascus, Palmyra contains the monumental ruins of a...